Monday January 23, 2006

We hiked. All the way from Sam Fisher’s house, all the way to Josh’s swimming hole. Then through the “I hope I am not allergic to this” forest, past the homeless camp, evaded the mad horseman, and got evacuated at the thriftstore. It was a long journey, with much climbing on rocks, snapping of pictures and sticks, fording freezing water, climbing over logs and berry bushes. Lots of berry bushes. That was just an experiance that has to be lived, not told. But I will share with you one part of the trip.

See, you want to be really careful when you go places with us. You might end up like poor Billiam here, who got sacrificed to the gods of the waterfall.

For some more pictures and more captions from the journey and that night go to

It is worth it.

12 thoughts on “Monday January 23, 2006

  1. IceAngelGA

    Heyy! So this is why you needed your left hand and couldn’t talk to me. Hahaha. Well worth it, and well worth the wait and being surprised! Great post, sir, and I will check out your Flickr ones at a time when I am not two minutes late leaving for the bus stop! 🙂

  2. IceAngelGA

    I caved. I got a Flickr. There were too many comments I wanted to make and so I needed an account to make comments. I’ll probably even upload pictures or something.

  3. Lady_of_Laughter

    By the way! You were at our house for the DDR thing! RACHEL is the BLONDE One! I, the one with brown hair, Am STACEY!….*glares at picture* not ‘rachel, olivia, and Josh’….it’s ‘Stacey, Olivia, and Josh’!..*shurgs* had to tell you!


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