Saturday August 5, 2006

Two days and I’ve not slept a wink
with these thoughts that I’ve been thinking.
This is
the mark I aim to miss.
You toss and turn, I lie awake.
Who knows what I’ve been
Another cheap, meaningless kiss.

I’ve got a feeling, It’s not the safest place to start.
The heavy breathing, it seems we’re better off breaking hearts.
From the beginning, dulled down and lost with all it’s charm.
I just want to wake up, wake up in someone’s…
I just want to wake up in someone else’s arms

Some how this lyrics seem to fit tonight. Things said, things unsaid. Things that should have been said and things that should have not been. Not only does this night earn a song, but also a movie. Bubba Ho-tep.
The mixing of beauty and dumb, the mixing of gross with the heroic. There was art tonight, but it all moved too slow. There was action, but it was all anti-climatic. Threads that needed to be thought about and sorrow paired with stupidity and self.

And all that was in the movie too.

But tomorrow. I will go swimming and hiking and hopefully it will all be different.

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