Saturday December 2, 2006

From the crazy at the reg, to the crazy of God, to the amazingness of God.

I heard a testimony that made me cry the shock tears. Shock tears are those tears that I fight back when that cord in my chest is plucked. This is something that is a physical hit, I double over and my eyes water and all I can do is gasp to keep me from breaking down. The first time was when I was reading flashbang. I actually had to put the book down and I cried. I cried from a book. I never cry.

When I was driving the other day, listening to a new song, that said “This clinic smells of death and shame. Misguided women with no names. (I guess) that the children are to blame.”

On the plane over here, it was this.

Tonight it wasn’t when I heard that she was healed from cancer, that it wasn’t that she sold almost everything she had, knowing that it might be the last month that she live to get to the event. It wasn’t that her son ended up getting saved when she got home and made a choice to live where he can read the bible. It was when she made 10,000 dollars in two and half weeks calling 6 month old leads. That God cared, not only cared, but went beyond what was “expected” in a miracle.

God is awesome. He is beyond awesome.

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