Sunday April 23, 2006

    I have given up on America.
    Don’t stone me just yet. Okay, you can.

    I guess you could could say that I never was a patriot. I was born here. But to fight for a bunch of laws? Word on paper? I guess I could. Fight for my friends? Family? Neighbors? Heck yes. That is real to me. That is my life as much as me breathing.
Recent events have pointed out to me how foul our country has gotten as a society, and as a government. And pointed out that America hasn’t meant much to me. I do thank God for being born here, that I have had such a privileged lifestyle.

    But I was never one for favorite sport teams. It is all meaningless to me. I have seen people live with so much less, and die with so much more.

Christ is my one thing. He I would die for. He I would fight for.

    Where is America in the end times? It can’t last forever. It won’t be great for all time. America won’t usher in the Second Coming. I know it sounds drab, prove me wrong.

So where does that leave me? What now? What is the next step?
   Who knows… As for now, I shall vote, I shall be upstanding.
The future? Live in a time of upheaval?
   Let it come. I am ready. I will do my best, but I am not afraid of an government that doesn’t have a place for people like me.

For this is the story of Christ and his Bride…

And what is the worst that can happen?

“In my memory I wrote you down in ink,
    I never wanted to erase your story,

Even with the tragedy that it bring.”

9 thoughts on “Sunday April 23, 2006

  1. Ducky1

    in early church times, people would refer to rome as babylon. in code.
    I think there are many ways in which america is like rome.
    it is possible that the U.S. is the babylon refered to in revelations.
    not necessarily, but it is possible.

    I figure that the amount of time we have left is indeterminate.
    Jesus talked about being ready because the second kingdom would be SOON.
    early churchers thought soon meant within their lifetime.
    obviously, they were wrong.

    if you buy into the old earth theory, then written history is a VERY small segment of the lifespan on earth. and by that, “soon” could even be a couple thousand years from now.
    and yet… things are certainly HAPPENING in the middle east.
    hm… I dunno…

    I think that as long as America keeps legislating God further and further away from the law, she’s legislating her own fall. and that’s kind of sad.
    I see either God working mighty things here, or us going the same way as rome.
    either way, it’s outside of my lifetime.

    I’m content to live in the time that I have, to do whatever I’m called to, and to render unto caesar what is caesar’s.
    hail caesar!

  2. so_d_e_e_p

    Good thought provoking post. Not sure I agree 100% percent. BUT that doesn’t affect what I think about your post. I know it is extremely hard to not give up on America. But try your hardest not too. America needs help. So start praying that the church would wake up and really start doing all the things Christ says we can do. There can be a revival in America. MANY more people can get saved before Christ brings His judgment on us. So instead of giving up on them. When you have these realizations of how far gone America is start praying twice as much for your country. You know the 21 word prayer. Well they didn’t put the last part in it because they didn’t believe it will happen. It will, because MANY are praying that it will. How many that pray might be the deciding factor of how big the revival will be, but I truly believe it will happen.

    “Jesus I plead Your Blood over my sins and sins of my nation,

    God end abortion and bring Revival to America. AMEN!”

  3. tranquilwater

    Sure, skydiving sounds fun…ha….but I’ll be there in winter. Surfing might not be an option without a wetsuit. I can’t fit one in my luggage, unfortunately. Ah what a bummer.

  4. mmmx3

    mostly my mother would say if you don’t have something nice to say…no, I mean, I am reminded A THANKFUL HEART PREPARES THE WAY FOR YOU MY GOD…

  5. MimeKiller

    I dont think america is the bablyon, thats riducaly, I can name 6 countries off the top of are head thats worse off. Were probally the most conservative country in the world right now. And with the whole end of the world thing..people better know a little bit of histroy before they open there fat mouths thats all I got to say.

  6. MimeKiller

    oh Gosh Myers not you, I just hate it when people say were in the “end times” and that america is the most decadent country in the history of the planet without knowing anything about history and the world around us.


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