Sunday August 6, 2006

A good day, with some physical exertion. Natural Bridges was awesome. I am sad that Amy couldn’t come. Such an awesome place.
We heard water running and went down to see and this is what we saw:
Andrew at Cave 1

I mean, isn’t this awesome? This one is taken in the middle of the second cave:
Cave 2

And Andrew climbed up this face and ended up about 20 feet above the ground. I made this out of like six pictures I took while he was crawling down:
Andrew Climbing Down

Don’t need no drugs, you’re my chemical
Now I’m dependent, swear I’m clinical
Addicted to those glances, taking chances tonight
I need a fix in those heroin eyes

12 thoughts on “Sunday August 6, 2006

  1. comefearlessly

    I went there once with Blithe, Brinda, and my cousin Ryan. What a BLAST! We brought little floats, and floated into one of those. It was sweet to come through it. Very fun. Good memories.


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