Sunday July 23, 2006

What happens to a person when hope is lost, when hope is drowned out by the mundane, the wear and tear of daily life?
When there is nothing bigger than your sleep, your job, your food?
When the sun does nothing more than bake you, assult your flesh, steal your moisture?
When the moon does nothing to your soul, doesn’t inspire dreams or romances?
When the stars do not remind you of your past, of your future, or even the now?
What happens to a person when the clouds aren’t animals, when water isn’t a sanctuary, when your blood doesn’t bleed?
What happens to a person when your dreams are gone? When you can’t see the tree for the forest? When the only reason you breathe is because of habit?
What happens to a person when joy is gone?

And where can a person find it again?

4 thoughts on “Sunday July 23, 2006

  1. Ducky1

    you sit back, take a deep breath, and pray for new life, new fire inside you.

    totally up to y’all. Whenever is good for you. Josh said something about next Monday? That’s sounds fine to me! 😀


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