Sunday June 18, 2006

Why? Why is there tp in my yard? Seriously. Oh, today today was a most post worthy of days. Woke up, crashed my parents hotel room to use their shower, got free breakfast. Explored the little town of Anderson. Got a few tables and a bunch of chairs. Set up a few tables and a bunch of chairs. Got up to my knees in the 53 degree cold water flowing at 1400 cubic feet per second. (53 degrees is that painful cold, not quite cold enought to go numb fast enough before you want to die. And 1400 cubic fps is fast enough for the water to have it’s own white caps.) Went swimming in a pool. Remeet a bunch of relatives. Scrapped the skin off the tops of both of my feet, walked around the rest of the day with bloodly feet. Talk with relatives, had a speed game of crocket with my dad. Got ready to leave, found out that my radiator leak ended up being really bad. Drove to the auto store about four times in the span of the 5 hours it took to replace my waterpump (Met a fairly cute girl there, who happens to own 80 acres.).  Left Redding about 9:07 and drove until now. Stopping to get gas once and to pee one. Also stopping at my parents’ house to let the dog out. I only almost fell asleep 8 times. All very exciting, but I decided that it could wait until later to post about it.
Then I get home.

And there is the tp.

I am not happy. Those who are responcible are immature and should be punched in the face. Even it if is a girl.

Edit: Feet.

1 thought on “Sunday June 18, 2006

  1. marinelikepuller

     If it was a girl, and you punch her, look out!  I will come after anyone who punches a girl, especially if it’s a girl I know…and I will come with my shotgun.  And there will be one of two possible outcomes.  If one don’t hurt her really bad, I will use the butt of my shotgun to hit you across the head and one will fall to the ground unconscious (I know how to do that), and if one causes serious injury, one better know how to plead very well to a 16 year old short Anderson kid who’s ready to pull the trigger.  Just kidding, I would only kill if the other guy killed the girl.  If he caused serious injury I will cause serious injury to him.  I hope you would never hit a girl Myers, although I have a feeling you really wouldn’t, since you’re a pretty good guy.  Have a good one.  Anderson out.


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