Sunday October 22, 2006

October 19th, 2006

I want emails, people. There is nothing like getting an email in the morning. So send me an email. 

So yesterday was a crazy day. We didn’t stay the whole time; we couldn’t stay the whole time. It has been so long since I have pulled kitchen hours. It wiped me out. I am such a wimp. Today was just “grace, grace” for us.  I feel like I did nothing. I am still tired though. I am such a wimp.

So I am sitting here in my bed typing this email into Word, listening to Showbread (Currently Listening: Age of Reptiles – Sing Me to Sleep), and going to go to bed soon. All while some of you early birds are getting up. Then the email goes off to you some time tomorrow. Kind of like a time capsule. 

I don’t miss home yet. Which is suprising to me. I am right at the longest I have been away from home, nine days. A Mexico trip is nine days long, an event is five days, my longest stint house sitting was seven days. I am not alone here, I have people that I know, I have new people. I miss my friends though, I am sad that I am not around, I am not in the loop. I don’t know what Stef’s day was like, or when Josh gets off work, or if Steven works tomorrow.  Tomorrow… 

Tomorrow is a new day,
     and I am in China.

I will be here tomorrow, I will give my all. To be more than a flashbang. More than just a loud noise and a bright flash. I am going to leave pieces of myself all over this lovely country. 


PS. Send me emails at while I am on this trip.

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