Sunday October 22, 2006

October 14th 2006

No, not in that way. I picked up some pictures from Kodak store about three blocks away. maybe more. Probably more, it was a 45 minute round trip. Anyway the distance isn’t that impressive unless you know that I did it alone. Yep. It was awesome. Suprisingly you feel pretty safe here, the only scary thing is dodging cars. And anyway the cute girl who checked me out last time we were at the Kodak store was there when I picked up the pictures. It was a short conversation. 

So on Tuesday, we are going to the health department to get tested. I am going to know a lot about my health that I didn’t know before, with giving blood the week before and this.. All for cheap too.

So the money here is called Yi Yaun. That is pronounced UN. Like the United Nations. Kind of funny. And there are about 8 of them to a dollar. Oh, actually it has three names. The other to are Quy and RMB. That gets confusing. 

Well, we are still having lots of grace, and I have been taking pictures.

And tomorrow is a muesum.

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