Thursday August 10, 2006

“these are our words, we fill these mouths
but all the letters of the alphabet could never spell it out
these palms and frames that we tear through
to cling to something that is bigger than the failed attempts at you”

Ah… Tomorrow. I hop on a plane and fly halfway across our country. I will finally step foot outsided the airport in Texas. Sadly it will be into a taxi to the hotel where I will stay until it is time to fly out. So really, will I have been to Texas when I get back?

Well while I am there, with something like 690 in the room with me, I shall look for God. Not my normal type of looking. I want to see.

Time for destruction and creation. Time of death and birth. Let it come.

“we are more than words that fill our mouths
drink with eyes that tell us the answers that we need”

Edit: I am in Vegas with Josh! Ha! Just kidding. I am sitting in an airport just waiting for the next plane. Sans Josh.

11 thoughts on “Thursday August 10, 2006

  1. IceAngelGA

    wow, i love this sitelook. i’ve been even more impressed by your sitelooks of late. but anyway, good post. i think your search is a good one. i pray that you find what you seek in abundance and that it brings you joy and peace.

  2. Ducky1

    don’t worry, there is a lot in Texas worth missing. πŸ˜‰
    just kidding…
    if you were going to the Dry Frio River or to Barton Springs or to my grandpa’s old country house (wherever it is) I would be sorely tempted to join you.
    Enjoy yo’sef and all that stuff.


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