Thursday August 31, 2006

I was getting in my car. I was leaving early, there was still talking going on. Those three adults closed out youth group. Jerry and Sharon were talking when I was listening to Michelle. Then when I was talking about how I haven’t had time to be excited about China, everyone listened to me. Jerry told me about how the waters of the Red sea didn’t part until the Egyptians were charging down the hill, and how the Israelites didn’t know anything was wrong until they saw the dust cloud.
I was getting into my car, and I look up at the front of the church were those three adults were the last to leave and still talking. Jerry was still talking about his dad, and my mind was still in old Tuolumne. A time when Motherlode’s gym was Summerville’s. When the Market was the ball fields. When there was a Constable of Tuolumne. And then something Mona said popped in my mind, and I saw something that I could be. And I thought, I won’t let it happen, now I can see it.
After sharing about China, Michelle got a ‘dad’ hug from Jerry. Then something a little weird. She got a piggy-back ride. Sharon shared that the first time Jerry and Michelle did that, it broke things off. I was afraid that Jerry was going to be broken.
I got in my car, and went home.

You get two post for the price of one!

What I did this weekend:

Giant Crawdad

Andrew Underwater


The End.

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