Thursday October 26, 2006

October 25th, 2006

Listening to Ku’u Home ‘o Kahalu’u and reading emails from home. Such a pretty song. “Last night I dreamt that I was returning, and my heart called out to you.” You should listen to it. It is about returning to a place/person after a long time, after you/they/it may/probably/inevitably has changed. That it is just not the same. “And I will greet you as I find you, with a sharing of a new song.”

And emails that make me wish I could talk to the people face to face. To give them a hug, slap them playfully, or just watch their faces while they talk. Don’t get me wrong, email is great. It gives you time to think of how you want to say something. It gives you the chance to pick the right word, the one that gets your meaning across the best.

Anyway, today was normal. In fact, there was a time while I was sitting down, inside a bright, clean, new restaurant, listening to Hawaiian music and hearing English spoken, that I had to remind myself that I was halfway around the world in China. But I am and I should be getting to bed. It is rather late and I am tired. 


PS. But I am so small, I can barely see, how can this great love be inside of me? Look in your eyes, they are so small but they see incredible things.

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  1. Quintessence_217

     i don’t know about you, but when i am in an unfamiliar place i like it and then i get homesick (or peoplesick) and then when it is time to leave, i don’t want to go.  ironic, huh?  i hope your last few days in china are a blessing!  still praying for you! 


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