Tuesday February 14, 2006

Why do I need to take soo much clothes to these things! I feel like a girl!

10 thoughts on “Tuesday February 14, 2006

  1. Page_20_Four

    the truth is, you ARE a girl. i didn’t want to tell you sooner because i thought your head might explode from shock.

    i won’t be at youth tonight due to being sick. blech. i’m sad.

    happy day-after-valentines day. you should have called me on my other line. i was going to tell you to but you hung up. do that in the future. i use my cell phone as a pager… and that’s pretty much it. yeah.


  2. pray2day89

    Your a girl!?! omg crap this sucks then I lost growing my Decembeard out to a girl!
    Do you think your a good looking girl? or where you just a good looking guy and now that your a girl you not too good looking??? think about it 😐


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