Tuesday June 20, 2006

This is my new dart head. When I saw, I let out an audiable ‘ah!’ of shock. This thing is mean looking. It also was wrapped probably in the hardest thing to unwrap. Three sheets of paper, all wrapped around this two inch dart head. Then wrap that in a whole roll of packing tape. Yeah, now you get the idea. I can’t wait to put it on my new seven foot darts, and throw it at something. Yep. And I got some cool colors for the fletching, Yellow and white. The other colors I have are red, black, and orange that is hard to tell apart from the red. Maybe this weekend. But who know what is going on.
Sadly I don’t. Do I want to go to sanfran for a nightstike. It is so awesomely ‘fun,’ but it leaves you so tired. And I have been tired alot lately. I could stay home, torque my harmonic thingajig and ‘play’ with my new darts. Maybe actually go to that lumber thing. Never been. Maybe never will. I think I remember last year there were horses. I want one. So I could ride off to battle after all the oil has run out, in 2012. But tonight I will leave you with this:

‘We played the flute for you,
      and you did not dance;
   we sang a dirge
      and you did not mourn.’

10 thoughts on “Tuesday June 20, 2006

  1. amethyst10987

    just thought I would tell you that I really like your pictures. I was just playing around in your flickr . . . the gold-ish ones are some of my favorites so far.

  2. la_rosa24

    nice picture of someone flipping.

    alas I cannot go minigolfing with you because I would beat everyone and they would become angry and chase me out like an angry mob with pitchforks….putters.

  3. BlissfulDiscontent

    You are definitely eccentric. But that’s what makes people rock, eccentricities. Anywho, after reading LOTR, I really wanted to learn to fence(more than usual) and ride horses and whatnot. But it passed.

  4. marinelikepuller

    Yes Andrew, Stonewall Jackson was on the Confederate side during the civil war.  But many people don’t know that some of the top Confederate Generals were actually not supporters of slavery.  Take General Lee.  Lee personaly thought of slavery as an evil, and the only reason he stayed with the south was because he was from there, and felt that he should remain loyal to the south, although I personaly don’t see what he could have been fighting for.  His battlefield tactics do deserve research though.

     Stonewall Jackson was like this as well, and many people don’t know that Jackson was also a Christian man, and had a wife whom he loved very much and cared for.  All this is evidenced in his letters to his wife.  Jackson was also a great military leader as well. 


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