Tuesday October 10, 2006

Way to many people have told me about getting a wife in China. I really don’t want a chinese wife.  Have never had a desire for a chinese wife. I don’t know why not, just I never had. So stop saying it… Really. I am not joking. Thanks.

Well I am getting ready to load up my car, drive and get some meat somewhere, and show up at the rally point. I will spend plenty of time traveling. I think it ends up being a whole 24 hours of travel time. Grace, grace.

This trip is different. Every trip is different. Just this one is more different then the rest. I am not going with anyone really close to me, I am going to a place further away than anywhere I’ve can remember being, going to a place where I don’t know any of the language, and not knowing what I am going to be doing. Grace, grace. So some prayer would be grand.

And just for the few of you wondering, I let Freckles go last night, close to where I found him.


12 thoughts on “Tuesday October 10, 2006

  1. gzusphreaq

    do not worry i do not want a chinese wife either! haha i do want to adopt a little chinese girl some day because everyone wants males so the little girls get like thrown away. πŸ™

  2. mmmx3

    I just heard you might FIND a wife there. Maybe she isn’t chinese jsut someone THERE when YOU are. Silly, think outside the box. Be blessed and KNOW we are praying.

  3. Ducky1

    I say Japanese. But whatever… you just be open to God’s placement. But you know that already. πŸ˜‰
    lalala… Freddy is a girl… he made a web and ate a little 7-legged tarantula today…
    I’m praying for you, andrew. Things will be well.

  4. la_rosa24

    first of all- what is the deal about finding a wife? maybe a girlfriend, but geez, they must move fast in china or somthing.
    secondly- your comment sounds a little racist. but then again, i am in a liberal environment right now. i could be wrong.

  5. pray2day89

    …Nope..I don’t think there was anything wrong with my phone..I think I was reading a text when My little sister got a pic of me..:p
    How’s everthing going in China!?!?!?! I hope your haveing an AWESOME time..I think..I think..I know you are..:|
    Well I miss you on AIM, and I’ll bug you about how your trip went when you get back!
    TTYL! πŸ˜€


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