Tuesday October 24, 2006

October 23nd, 2006

Now I long for yesterday. Not all that much, I haven’t said anything wrong either. That song just keeps coming up. Love was such an easy game to play.

Anyway, I didn’t get to send out this email yesterday so I am going over it to combine it with the stuff that happened today. But I am not sure how well this will work out, since today was the match to yesterday. 

Yesterday I did my laundry; it got done about 10:30. I was wondering if my socks would be dry in time for me to wear. They weren’t. I just put them on wet and waited for them to dry on my feet before putting on my shoes. It all worked out. I didn’t have to mircowave them to dryness(my original plan). I am still wondering if that would work though.

Yesterday, I was wondering what food I was going to eat first thing back in the states. On most trips, you know what you want to eat first thing back in the states. Last night I came to the conclusion that I wanted Hawaiian pizza. I have been eating Chinese food every breakfast and I was getting tired of it. For lunch and dinner I have been eating western diner food, greasy and french fries. Now, both of those types of food are good (Both favorite), but I am getting tired of them. I thought long and hard and Hawaiian pizza was my choice to eat once home. But I just had Hawaiian pizza tonight for dinner. So maybe some home made potato soup… or something… 

Today, we went shopping. Lots of walking, and not a lot of cool stuff. I did find some jackets that were nice and I would have like to buy, but it is really sad when you don’t fit into an extra large. Now, I am not huge, but I am some what on the large size with broad shoulders. It is just kind of depressing going to a store where you want to buy something and nothing fits. Anyway, on to happier subjects.

Yesterday, I saw myself ride a bike. How many of you can say that? Luke and I were rather bored so we went on a bike ride. We decided to go left at the end of the street (actually we asked some nice old Chinese man who didn’t understand us, and ended up pointing is some direction), and we came to where the sidewalk ends. It doesn’t end in some scary precipice made of crumbly concrete some children’s book wants you to believe. It ends in mud and a truck. Then a cement road. Which kind of looks like a sidewalk, but isn’t. It leads to some place that looks like a village and reminded me of Mexico. Not the fun, cute kids side of Mexico, but the lets not go there, cause will get shot kind of Mexico. Luke wanted to go. I said no. Luke said, come on. I said lets see where the other end of the sidewalk is. So we turned back around and rode. 

We rode all the way to Jum-bai, or JK mall. There we checked our bikes, which is really hard when the only things on the sign that you can read are “20.00”, “50.00”, “0.10”, and “0.50”. It ended up being the last one, or which is something like six and quarter cents. For two bikes. Got to love things like that.

After drinking our drinks and stowing our gear, we rode around outside Jum-bai, while I filmed Luke doing things like wheelies and stoppies. After getting enough weird looks we rode on. (This is where I get to see myself ride a bike. See after we left Jum-bai, Luke rode pretty much the whole way filming. See, I did get to see myself.) We took the long way home, stopped at a dock and I saw a huge fish jump. This thing could have eaten a duck. In three whole bites. Yeah, big. Got back to the diner and bused. And kept track of whose table was whose, and helped seat people. Rather fun. 

So that was yesterday and today. More of how today was the second half of yesterday, and yesterday in general.

So here is a shout out to all my work homies. Miss you guys and send me emails. 

Well, tonight wasn’t that funny in an outside kind of way. But long run on sentences that you think are funny when you write them ‘cause you are tired when you are typing are somewhat funny in a sad sort of way.

Night peeps. 


PS. The light in the attic is just a light with a string attached to it.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday October 24, 2006

  1. BlissfulDiscontent

    Thanks, I was very happy. My soc teacher is awesome. I love potato soup! So if you get your hands on some cheesy homemade soup, please send it my way. 🙂 Thanks for all the posts on China, I like feeling in the loop somewhat.

  2. Page_20_Four

    Sonja fix? That’s strange sounding, but it’s one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me.

    I hope you are having an awesome time. Be safe and come home in one piece, all right?

  3. crimson_gold

    Hmmm, I sent you an email, but I seem to remember an alternate email address you wanted them sent to, which I did not.  Sorry, but oh well, you’ll get it when you get back then. 

    Bike rides are fun.


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