Tuesday October 3, 2006

So I didn’t pack tonight, I got my finances in order. I was kind of wondering what was going on cause I had some extra money for the trip, and I didn’t know if it was cause I forgot to pay for something, or what not. That was kind of a not fun thing to spend you night doing, but I am glad it is finally over. Our original budget projected the trip at $2300, and it later came out to $2282, and I covered 299 of the budgeted dollars by myself, so that leaves $1983 (a good, good year). And since I raised $2305, that was $322 that I thought I had to spend some where and didn’t know where. I was afraid that I would spend it and it would really need to go to some check that I forgot about for the snowboarding part of the trip. Or something like that… Now I know that it is free money for the trip, comes the responsibility of doing the right thing with it…

I ate top ramen tonight, but I put a packet of pizza peppers in it, with some hot chili sesame seed oil and black pepper. My stomach hurts now…

Edit: I have had two disappointments today, well three… 1. I mispelled finances, 2. WordPress.com doesn’t let you post from email, 3. I can’t figure out how to get my Xanga Chatboard on my front page, cause that would be cooler than that stupid Chatterbox…

3 thoughts on “Tuesday October 3, 2006

  1. amethyst10987

    I’m pretty sure you mean finances, not fiances. Plural. That’s a little sketchy.

    And there are two different guys here at school that I think you look like. I mean, I know what they look like but I’ve never actually seen you, so that’s why it’s speculation. Anyway.


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