Tuesday September 19, 2006

So… I have been playing with making color photographs into black and white.
There are two ways I know how to do it.
The first one you just get rid of the color information and make it grayscale. The second one is a little more complicated but pretty easy.

So you take a picture.

And you could just make it greyscale.

Or as some people say; change it to LAB, select the lightness channel, turn that greyscale, duplicate it and mix it with Soft light at about 30-40% op.

Which one do you like better?

11 thoughts on “Tuesday September 19, 2006

  1. crimson_gold

    I like the color one.  Oh, between the fancified ones?  Mmmm, the third one I think.  I’ve always said you should mix greyscale with soft light at 30-40% farenheit, mixed and duplicated.  😀

  2. gzusphreaq

    well i learned today that you do not drink soda… neither do I! well i cannot have food coloring so it is a bit easier for me i guess but you still rock if that is true

  3. gzusphreaq

    well you pretty much suck now that i have found out you really do drink soda oh well i guess i will just have to keep searching for my fellow non-soda drinking friends. haha well i might see you tonight at the pizza thing i’m not sure if i’m going. welp peace


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