Wednesday December 6, 2006

Well Thursday will be. Cause one Thursday, Cody is going to ask Lindsey out. And she is going to say yes.

Countless people, lame and unlame, will be saddened.

9 thoughts on “Wednesday December 6, 2006

  1. llove_musik

    wait- who is lindsey? who is cody? oh yeah. but why are you posting this? why do i care? oh yeah- i don’t. hahahahhaahhahahahahahhahahaha. I am completely free of tuolumne county’s drama in my little zone in santa barbara. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. take that drama!

  2. crimson_gold

    Really Andrew?  Really?  Xanga?  Do we not have anything better to do???  Or post?  I’m flattered that you are so enamored with my love life, but please.  I agree with the first comment: why are you making so much drama????

    *sigh*  Silly boys.


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