3 thoughts on “Wednesday June 7, 2006

  1. comefearlessly

    Congrats! Now you hang in my crowd. j/k 🙂

    Hey nice site change. BUT you “trying to become unseen” I can’t see it. How does one try to accomplish that, but still bump people every time you come up to them. Humm… :p

  2. comefearlessly

    The first part. I have DSL too.

    The second part. Was a joke too. On your banner you said “The Life of the one trying to become unseen.” I was simply saying that you trying to become unseen is very hard for me to picture. One reason, I said, was because every time you say hi to someone you punch, hit, or bump them. For someone who does that. I was saying that it would sure be hard to become unseen. But it was a boring, “trying to be funny” type of comment. I didn’t mean to bring confusion.


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