Wednesday May 10, 2006

Is the time I drag myself out of bed, after hitting the snooze for an hour. Yes, and hour. It goes off at 6 in the morning with hopes that one day I will have enough energy to wake up at that time. It hasn’t happened yet.
Dragging myself out of bed my first destination isn’t the bathroom but my computer, I simply turn it on. Then I make my way to the bathroom and use it. I come back out and dial the internet up. While it is dialing I launch iTunes and Firefox. Then I leave before it is done and get in the shower.
Now the shower is where I tell how well I slept. Sometimes I just stand there not knowing what to do next, or like today I am in an out in like four seconds (for me, atleast). And back to the computer.
Dial up sucks. So I tell Firefox to go to my homepage and iTunes to start playing. Then I make my lunch. And a bowl of cereal. Come back check my emails, and xanga.
But today is different. Today, my lunch was already made, and my breakfast non-existant. So as I haven’t been doing to well with my Xanga used the time to write this post.

Now it is time for work.

1 thought on “Wednesday May 10, 2006

  1. Ducky1

    great methodical morning!
    and gasp- no breakfast!
    hah… just kidding. I kind of think it’s over rated, myself.
    I’m not much of an eater in the morning.
    you’re right, cassandra. so I have no idea when I’ll start doing drugs.
    probably never.
    and… yeah, actually the chances of that are higher than my going to school in the fall.
    exciting, ah?
    who knows, though.
    waiting for God to make it clear.


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