Monday April 2, 2007

Tuesday – Lost Season 3 afterwork with some Heroes thrown in for some extra measure. Walmart and money spending.

Wednesday – Class which was making four prints, then home for Mission Impossible

Thurday – “Jack is dead, Claire!” Work, then laundry (lost again), then worship practice, then starbucks with an old friend.

Friday – Some good times, some good tacos, some good friends, and a movie that was pretty much “blood diamond” all over again without the african kids…

Saturday – Got up early, fed the stinky dog and the others, cooked a giant breakfast, sat in schnoogs for a while, sat at home, went back to the school house (again…), went to the mexican resturant that no one knows how to say the name, went to walmart, starbucks, walmart, steven’s house, blades of glory, bed.

Sunday – Got up early (way too early),  fed the stinky dog and others, went to church, played with a hurt finger, went to my parents’ house, watched stupid movie, went to birthday party, went to chinese food, went to bed.

Monday –  Wrote this post. Got an 85% on my midterm.

Bill Johnson quote of the week: “The more intentional ministry become the more opportunity for ministry to be come hype.”

6 thoughts on “Monday April 2, 2007

  1. pray2day89

    My Heart is in Gods hands..were it should be I would say…
    Sounds like an interesting week to me!
    when are you going to send those lost seasons of Lost?…
    heh heh heh… :p
    oh yeah..I like that quote…I am guessing thats a good hype? 🙂


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