Monday April 9, 2007

I shifted from second to third, and I came off the seat.

While my friends were off roading where I couldn’t take my car, I was riding a 450 dirt bike. If you don’t know, 450’s are huge, powerful machines that weigh a ton. I started the day on a 125, then rode a 250, and am now riding a 450. This is only my second day riding a bike, and the first time was a few years ago.

There is nothing like riding a dirt bike, once you get a handle on it, it like riding a bike, with a sports car engine. You shift and turn and go up and down. It is freeing and empowering at the same time.

Anyway, the 450 is a strong strong bike. I slid when I shifted from second to third doing about 45 mph. I held on though and didn’t die. I rode around a little more, and since I haven’t seen Steven or the two 15 yearold girls that he rode off with in a while, I went to go look for them. I kind of headed out where they last were, and was taversing this hillside. This hillside was made up of bumps and rocks and slick grass and loose dirt, and I couldn’t ride it that well. I kept killing the bike and having to start it again. Then it wouldn’t start anymore.
Steven and the girls come out of nowhere and said they were stuck. They walked up further and I tried to get the bike started and go and help them find some one with a truck. After about fifteen minutes I figured out I needed a truck also.
No truck being handy and myself being the only one, I had no other choice but to push the bike up the hill I was going across. 450s are heavy bikes and that hill was a mean one. Needless to say, 45 minutes later I got the 300lb bike up to the top.
Exausted, I sat there and then out of know where the owner of the bike and father of one of the girls came up and asked me where they were and why I stayed out past dark. Right then they come up in another truck with some guys he didn’t know and I was kind of out of that conversation.
He ended up getting the bike started by popping the clutch and I got back to the house. Only to realize that I was almost 2 hours late to a party that I was supposed to go to. Steven had two trucks helping him and me and my car wouldn’t be much use, but I called them anyway. They had it all covered.

But later I found out they didn’t…

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