Monday February 19, 2007

Wow. I mean, I am one episode shy of being current in the third season, and I just started watching the first season. I have forgotten so much stuff. And I remember so much. Like why people should be nice to Jin and such. I also forgot how people acted, like how mean Sawyer is and how scary Locke is…

Well, I am tired.

I went swimming yesterday!

3 thoughts on “Monday February 19, 2007

  1. Quintessence_217

    it HAS been long since swimming.
    lost was crazy. i was in my room and my grandma knocked, but i didn’t hear her so she opened the door and tapped me on the shoulder. yeah, i was still so tense i just about peed my pants! i explained why i got scared and she was like “oh lost? i love that show!” yeah, my grandma is more hip than me.


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