8 thoughts on “Monday May 7, 2007

  1. Quintessence_217

    what the random website!? did you read all that? it’s awesome! and weird! did you read some of the conspiracy theories? i have heard many of these before but never from a believer. it was really interesting. i wish to check some of these theories out this summer…

  2. crimson_gold

    You seem to have gotten Heather quite riled up.  I went to that website many times when I was debating that subject, pretty cool and total deja vu!  As for the video it’s telling me that it’s no longer available…

  3. Page_20_Four

    we should build a deer sling shot. i can just see it now… a deer gracefully, innocently eating the petals off my flowers when BAM!! it goes sailing through the air! flipping and spiraling into oblivion!!!


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