5 thoughts on “Monday November 5, 2007

  1. BlissfulDiscontent

    Clearly you didn’t read my earlier post. I went on an
    immersion night with Emmaus Ministries. Emmaus works with male prostitutes in Chicago.
    A group of students from IWU went down there to walk around the streets, hang
    out in bars, and just get to know people. Since I’m 19, I couldn’t go into the
    bars where most of the people were hanging out. The other underage group found
    a way of meeting people and not breaking laws by going into a hookah bar (not
    hooker). So next time I go, I’m going to do that, unless I’m 21. No one was
    able to get to know any male prostitutes, but my group met the fewest people
    probably, so that was disappointing. http://www.streets.org


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