Monday October 22, 2007

I stared at him, my friend’s little brother, someone who is now making me feel old. He is having a kid. I remember when he was just some skater kid who was sixteen and annoying. Now he is one of my friends, as big as me, married, and having a child in six months. I felt old.

I finished “A Brave New World.” It wasn’t as epic as “1984,” but it is good in it’s own right. It spoke to me about forgiveness and bitterness. You should read it.

Life has been going on, and on is going life. I’m not stuck, but I am not flying around. I am moving this thing called life, like carrying a medicine ball on a hike. It isn’t hard, but I do have to make a conscience decision to keep it moving towards my goals. One of them is to write down my goals. I should do that now.

So, what are your goals that you want to accomplish in a year from now?

4 thoughts on “Monday October 22, 2007

  1. Passive_Spastic

    I want to be well on my way being done with my gen ed.  I want to be diligently working on one of the scripts I have in my head.  I want to be ready to be married at Christmas, and I want to be having five figure months with my business.  Wow, I don’t know where all that came from, I need to write that in my journal.  Thanks for provoking that.  

  2. Quintessence_217

    I want to:
    Have applied at my university of choice.
    Be working harder on my art and book.
    Be for the most part financially independent from my parents.
    Be immersed in my studies (hmmm, speaking of)
    And be in awe of God.

  3. Ducky1

    I want to have spent a year in love with life.
    I want to have accomplished the trip I’m planning.
    I want to be confident in my path of schooling.
    I want to keep my friends.
    I want to understand forgiveness and trust.
    I want God to speak to me.


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