8 thoughts on “Saturday August 4, 2007

  1. emmanem12

    the second one.and that picture was from last week when i was in napa with my cousin,and i was in a tiny golf cart at 11:00 at night with 5 other girls,a fourteen year old girl driving,the golf cart tipped,and i fell the hardest…on my face…i got some bad scrapes and bruises…

  2. amethyst10987

    Gosh I know, aren’t you scandalized? Although I went back and counted, and there were like four other pictures I had put on my xanga that had me in them. didn’t think it was that many, haha. Anyway, the only reason I put in the pool picture was because that particular time in the pool was one of the more memorable parts of the week . . .

  3. gzusphreaq

    it really depends on what it is for. if its for sending out with mission letters to get money the second one because it’s brighter and will make people want to give you more money. if its for sending to a dating service the first one because its a little darker and will make men want you more. I sure hope i have helped!


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