Sunday January 14, 2007

I went on a quest with one of my adventuring buddies. I was on a quest to find 2 Lines of Beauty and 2 Balance Shots. I don’t know yet if I have found them, but my buddy was documenting.

We ventured into the great unknown, which I once visited long ago:


Me taking a shot:


Andrew needed to climb, so I took this shot with my camera:

Andrew Up High

The View from the top:


Me leading the way:


Me looking all National Geographic:


My Gold Rush pose (by the way, I am not standing on a ledge):

On a Rock Face

One of the awesome places we found:


7 thoughts on “Sunday January 14, 2007

  1. comefearlessly

    Great shots; I commented on flickr. OH and Jennifer sent a few pictures of herself to me so I  uploaded them onto her flickr site. They’re just her and some DTS friends but they’re recent and from Australia so you should check them out.




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