Wednesday August 29, 2007

    So there was this lady named Maryloo. As the Saturday night session was wrapping up, Mona asked me to find someone and go pray for maryloo. So I grab nina and we go to Maryloo. Maryloo said that she couldn’t her spine and her neck was killing her, and she had a hard time sitting in the seats without hurting excrusiantly.

    We prayed and Nina ask me to go and grab Tracy. Now at our last event, Tracy got healed. A creative miracle. She had a metal knee and now she has a real one. Brand new, straight from God.

    Anyway, Nina knew that the testimony of Jesus Christ is the something of prophecy, and Tracy had a MAJOR testimony of Jesus Christ. So we go back to praying and Maryloo gets delivered and healed. No more pain.

    Maryloo and I talk the next day, she was telling me how she couldn’t sit on the floor without being in enough pain to cry before, but she sat in the line for hours with no pain!

    But you really should have seen Tracy’s face after she heard that God healed Maryloo. She was just blown away that someone who she prayed for got healed.

God is so good.

And that is what I got this weekend.

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