I walked the halls of a school bred with a hospital to making rooms for the clients. My sister was showing me, my cousin, and my uncle around. She talked to one woman telling her that her family is going to come and pick her up soon and she thinks she is spending the night. So she needs to take the these meds with her. She needs to take the meds in tonight and in the morning. And that she should take some clean clothes because she thinks she is spending the night. My sister mentions that twice, and the woman says that she just put her clothes on clean. My sister says, Okay, but you might want to take some underwear incase you have an accident.

Around the corner there is a man who’s sitting on a couch and my sister walks up and talks to him while running her hands through is hair. He tries to either grab her hand or swat it way.

Further down the hall we just past Richie’s room and he comes out. My sister says that Ron’s supposed to call, but not yet, and if Richie wants to come and wait with the others he can. He follows us and soon passes us on our way round the loop.

At the front door as we were leaving a woman walks up and my sister starts to introduce us. This is my cousin Laura, my sister says. I want to introduce myself, the woman says to my sister. She turns to Laura, My name is Cindy. My cousin replys, Hi Cindy, my name is Laura. Cindy then grabs my cousin’s and shakes it like she missed the hand offered. She then shrieks in joy. She has such smooth skin on her face.

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