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  1. Jordan A

    I have never seen anything like those. At first I thought they were a really strange looking pair of gloves. Anyway, be careful if you ever go noodling. I read an article on it about a year or so ago in Outdoor Life about it, and those guys get bitten by more than just catfish. And some of those cat fish they get are stinkin’ burly.

  2. Lindsey

    Ewww, your feet would be rubbery. But it’d be cool, like having blubber on your toes!! 😛 I like your fish. When do I get to see them, huh??

  3. Andrea

    Are those platties!? Because if they are, that’s awesome. My first fish were platties, and they gave birth to live mini platties, rather than eggs. It was really cool, except the part where they got sucked up in the filter.


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