More On My Trip

So here is some more about the first part of my trip.

Here are some photos:

The drive down was fun, LONG, but fun. We did get up at like 3:30am, so we might have been a little more loopy than normal. Which is fun.

This is a pose I saw Jordan in a lot. Taking pictures while driving, taking pictures while walking, taking pictures while riding in a boat, all sort of taking of pictures. Most of the time he was trying to get himself in the shot, which made for funny contortions.

My version of the funny contortion.

My Lunch. It was pretty darn good.

Me and my ticket
My ticket and passport.

On the way to the terminal from Andrew Myers on Vimeo. It was pretty cool, we got to use these standalone terminals. You wait in the main part of the airport, hop on a bus, ride for a few minutes, walk into this tiny building and board your plane. It really reminded me of portable classrooms in elementry school.

Over The Pacific from Andrew Myers on Vimeo.

Infight Entertainment
In flight entertainment.

SWAG! I like it when airlines give you free stuff and you don’t have to take their blankets to remember your trip. I took blankets anyway, but it was nice of them.

Above the Pacific


So we got to Tahiti and we didn’t have a place to stay. So we just kind of slept in the airport.

Our plane to Bora
This is our plane that took us to bora bora. A nice small cosy plane.

A nice small cosy plane that was trilingual. From the top it is Tahitian, then French, then American.

Take off over Papeete from Andrew Myers on Vimeo.


I know why he was so happy…


More to come soon!

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