My poor, poor neglected blog.

So here I am. Wishing I had more time in my life. It must be something about me that makes me want to cram a weeks worth of work in a day. And still not want to do any of it.

This last weekend Steven, Lindsey, and I went up to Redding, CA. I had some friends there I haven’t met and wanted to meet them. So, I got them to throw us a bbq! it was an amazing trip, we went to Bethel church (Click here), walked around, saw the sundial bridge.

Here are some photos:
Steven read every chance he got.

Me and Lindsey
Here’s Lindsey and me on the Sundial Bridge.

Lindsey being really pretty.

Sun Dial Bridge
The Sundial bridge is a really neat bridge – it only has one tower.

Sacramento River
I love having an underwater camera. It makes for some intersting shots. Did you know that the Sacramento river is tempature regulated? It has something to do with where the water comes out of the dam and the salmon. All I know is that it’s flippin’ cold! I couldn’t feel my hand for 5 minutes after this shot.

I like playing with fire, but charcoal bbqs aren’t really that much of my friend.

It was amazing trip with friends.

Now for the fish tank – I guess my last few posts have been a little to focused on the fish. My Google ads have been a little heavy in that area. The tank is all set up, and just waiting for the “Biological Filter” to develop. Sounds fun? Some time next week I want to put a fish in.

2 thoughts on “My poor, poor neglected blog.

  1. Lindsey

    Hmm, well now your ads are heavy in Redding with a dash of singles ads?? Don’t know about that.
    It was a fun trip wasn’t it!

    I love you!


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