99 South

The last Time I was on this road was when I went to Bora Bora. I was tired then too. It was early and Jordan and I were playing music and taking pictures of the sunrise with our new cameras, bought just for the trip. It was summer then and the valley was not as green and the cool of the morning was a welcomed treat.

The excitement was high.

Now I am on this road for a different reason. The excitments still high, but instead of going on a dream vacation I’m going to work. Three and half years I have been working for the company and in that time I have never been to an LA event. LA events happen twice a year, sometimes three times and I have never been.

One of a kind event. Life-changing. This events going to be one that is remembered.

My roommate for the weekend is snoring next to me in this nondescript suburban named fred. I know that I won’t hear his snoring when I get to bed, I will just be too tired. Too exausted. Too intent on milking every minute of sleep I can, fir the days that are long enough that you eat four meals and amaze yourself at how many times you have used the restroom.

I’m still excited.

I am launching the first part of a system I have worked on for a long time. It was even put on hold for five or six months. I hope to save some people a whole lot of time with replacing an antiquated system with the one that I build. And save a lot of money, too.

So here I sit, writing at 70 mph, thinking about the weekend and wonder what the weekend will bring. If you are the praying type say a prayer for me.

Chipotle or In N Out?

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