Birthing pains

Is not quite the right phrase. It tends to mean that something new is the result. Not here.

I feel extruded. But that makes me feel like a pile of play-dough.

Under the last few days, my week has been a little "full". School is finishing this week, and while the evil English class has been conquered, it’s time for the Photography class to be a little more demanding.

The Third Annual Guys’ Trip (tagline: Bigger, Better, and a Whole Lot More Manish) is this weekend, and my life is all the more complicated. I thought I could do it all by myself. While it’s fairly easy, and basically just doing food shopping (something i’m quite pro at) and getting it all as ready as can be (I’m a good cook too), it’s just a tad too much with everything that’s going on. Thankfully my friends (and attendees of the trip) have been more than helpful. Props to Andrew H.

AND one of the things that have been casting a huge shadow and making things just a little more complicated is a fish tank. This isn’t just any old fish tank. This is THE fish tank. The fish tank that my step dad has had since before I’ve know him, that has moved with my mom and stepdad for ages, and it is the tank that I picture in my head when you say "fish tank".

A few years ago, my step dad’s fish died, and my sister’s then boyfriend (who was into fish at the time) got the tank and has had it ever since. But he recently contacted my sister to let her know that he was getting rid of it, and she knew that I wanted it and told me.

So I drove up to Sacramento yesterday and picked it up. ( I got to stop and see Marla too, in her new consignment store in Sacramento) My sister’s exboyfriend was just getting out of the hobby and didn’t want any of his aquarium equipment. So I loaded THE fish tank, 2 20 gallon tanks, 1 10 gallon tank, and 4 buckets of gravel, and a tote full of stuff into the back of the truck. See:

Truck load
It barely fit. Yes, I was quite good at Tetris and did play with a lot of LEGOs. (I don’t know what happened, but I KNOW that the tank is straight.)

I then drove home. (Scary drive, just one wrong bump and KABLAM! I have a truck full of deadly shards of glass). Unloaded the stuff and got to setting up the big tank. I had to set it up quick, since I not only got all the aquarium equipment, I also got all the aquarium fish.

Knifefish Big dark sucker Orange Sucker fish Little fish Red Tailed Black Shark
Glass Catfish
Spiny Catfish
The Mess






















A lot of the fish were in really bad shape. And I’m not sure some of them will make it. So that’s something I have to care for now.

But today, Photography and the Trip will be done. I have nothing that I have to do my weekday nights (weekends are a completely different thing). And I’ll be free. Free! FREE! FREEEE! (Don’t let my dead husband come back, k?)

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