Im tired… (and hungry [just a little])

Oh boy. I’m writing this on my phone so if it seems a little off, it’s cause I’m writing on my phone it seems a little off.

Anyway, I’m am tired. It’s only eight fifteen and I’m already thinking of bed. It could be fun. Sleeping like ten hours. That does sound really fun, now that I mention it.

School today was painting, which for some reason I always want to call it “art”. Which is sadly nondescriptive since I am actually an art student and all my classes this semester could be described as “art”. Which is kind of tripping me out. It’s just that I’m the type of person who people would think I’d be studying to be a biologist, or an astro-physicist, or an optometrist (sidenote: Dawn said today that her optometrist reminded her of me.) And I’m studying art. Art! Touchy-feely stuff. Uh. Yeah. I guess I try to redeem myself by having specializing in photography. At least there I get to use a complex piece of equippment.

And today in “art” (painting), we went over the couse outline and were desmissed after an hour. That left me plenty of time to go and try to hunt down art supplies in this tiny town (the walmarts didn’t have any, the hobby shop was closed, an the craft store didn’t have the paint I needed). And visit the bike shop. And the optometrist. I could of had the appointment right then, but since I had to go work on cleaning my old house, I decided on next week after “art”. Never ever think that just cause the class doesn’t have any books that it’s going to be cheap.

Another odd thing about my “art” class: out of 25 people in the class, only five are guys. I guess guys don’t like to paint.

It’s still hot.

Lindsey is coming up this weekend! I am quite happy about this fortunous event. I miss her.

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