The ZOO!

On Halloween, my lovely girlfriend and I went to the Oakland Zoo. It was a great time and served as a reminder to always (ALWAYS) travel with your camera. Otherwise you’ll have to make do with your silly 2.0 megapixal camera on your iPhone…

photo 3


photo 4

More Giraffes! (the second one’s kind of hard to see…)

photo 2

Elephants. If you were there, you might think this was a video. Cause they did NOTHING! Except eat a chain. That was weird.

photo 5

A monitor lizard! She was feeding it, and making it walk all over. It was funny.

photo 4

Flying foxes. I think my favorite part was (is) the teddy bear. It’s some how both morbid and cute at the same time.

photo 3

Turtle. Turtle, turtle. Am I not turtlely enough for the Turtle Club?

photo 2

A Chilean Rose tarantula. Scary, but not as scary as Tarantism.


She’s cute!

5 thoughts on “The ZOO!

  1. Holly

    Some of my most beautiful memories are at the zoo. Really. I smile when I think of the hours and hours spent at the SD Zoo in front of the gorillas, or in the reptile house, or talking to the capuchin monkeys. Wherever we find ourselves in the world, we make it a point to visit the zoo. So glad your day was wild and happy! PS Did you know giraffes are afraid of heights?


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