A good day

Today was a good day. It’s been a while since I’ve had one, and a while since I could really say “it’s been a gooood day” all relaxed and happy.

Here’s how the day broke down:

1. Woke up super early. Now this isn’t such a great thing but I was quite alter for work this morning, and it ties into another point later on.

2. Got to work in a good mood. Surprisingly that’s helpful with having a good day.

3. Found out that my overly pregnant friend had her baby, and get this, right at the same time I woke up today. Super happy for them.

4. I got to enjoy my coworkers today. Everyone was in a good mood.

5. I got to eat lunch in the park with some good friends.

6. Got quite a bit done at work, and saw more of my great coworkers.

7. Ate some spaghetti and watched an episode of Psych.

8. Finally went grocery shopping.

9. Had a GREAT trip to Walmart for that aforementioned grocery trip. Got a good parking spot, got a good cart, found all the stuff, stayed under budget, and found an empty checkout line.

10. Went to a local restaurant and heard some good music, see some friend, and played a little guitar.

11. Came home and talked to my sister.

12. Talked to my Dad. (Don’t worry, Mom, you’re next. )

13. Finished my book.

14. Going to sleep 😀

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