Foreign objects in a foreign land

I slept two hours last night. And I got do do some “sight seeing” today, most of it confined to the interior of one supermarket. There is nothing like a supermarket to make you feel far from home. Things like Brandson Pickles (which is a spread), malt loaf (which I could never find an got fruit loaf instead. I hope it’s close enough. the checker said it was “vey nice” with some tea), and a butt load of the best candy covered chocolates in the world -these all remind you that you are not in Kansas anymore (though you never really were).

And the fact that the prices are all in pounds and pences doesn’t hurt either.

Yep, I’ve spent most of the day exausted but I feel pretty good right now. Go figure.

On the flight yesterday, or today, when ever it was, I read almost 400 pages of my book, Xenocide.

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