The Grand Canyon!

So instead of stopping in Williams like I originally planned, I decided to continue to the closer hotels just outside the park entrance. I’ll save me an hour and half tomorrow driving, which will be nice. Then I can spend more time looking and walking around.

So here’s what I did so far on my journey.

I left town midday on Monday, after having breakfast with the Cooks, saying good bye to the office again, getting my car washed, and getting a replacement nalgene bottle. I drove and drove and drove some more, but then I realized that I had to drive quite a way further in the over all scheme of my trip, so why should I just put up with having my front wheels unbalanced? So I took a detour in Fresno to Big O tires and said “What the hay,” and got four new tires.

Then I remember getting tires is like being locked in prison for an hour half and then paying almost four hundred dollars to get out. Sure your car rides like a dream but was it really worth it? I guess so, since I did need new tires and Walmart made me sign something saying that they aren’t responsible if I die from lack of tread when they changed my oil on Saturday.

Then it was back on the road again and spent the night in Bakersfield.

Today I woke up and was on the road and here are some pictures:


California Desert


Some Giant Ball

Mountains in Arizona


SNOW! At the Grand Canyon there’s more snow than at home. It’s crazy and kind of refreshing.

Well, I’m off to find some food to eat. Later!

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