Twitter and the Wordsmith

I love twitter. There, I just came out and said it.

Now, I don’t love everything about it; I love the skill it takes to capture the grandeur of what you are feeling and your emotions and almost masochistically cut and edit to fit in the painfully small 140 characters you’re given and have it still inspire and convey.

And as someone who loves words it’s a great place to just use them. Today I used “abhor”. When was the last time you used that word? It’s just fun! It conveyed the extreme disgust that I felt with only two more characters than “hate”.

I love that the limit makes you really prune down what you want to say. Sure if I used the shorthand “h8”, I could fit four more character and get another sentence or two in (especially if I use more shorthand). But then I’m trying to say too much. If I find myself wanting to do that, I force myself to think how else I can articulate this emotion and thought. Do I really need to say this word? Can I move this here and still have it mean the same thing? Things like that make twitter fun.

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