Two Thousand Ten

This year has been a hard year. It has been a lonely year. It’s a year that I am glad it’s coming to an end.

I left my family. I left my friends. I left the mountains and the trees that have raised me. I came to a foreign land and proceeded to learn a lot about myself and God.

I learned about who I was, what I need, what I can do without, and who God is.

I’ve learned a lot – and most of it was the hard way. Sure, knowing a theological truth is easy. Living that same theological truth is harder. And when you’re in the place where it’s just you, God, the theological truth, and the contrasting circumstances in the world – it gets hard.

How much can you do trust God? How can you take a simple decision, and a simple truth and apply it in a situation that is screaming that what God said isn’t true. It would be an understatement to say that it is easy.

But, I can tell there is a shift in the atmosphere. I can feel it. This next year will be different. And I’m looking forward to it.

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