Housesitting Nightmare

“Hey, Andrew. I just wanted to thank you for housesitting for us while we were gone.”

Yeah, no problem.

“I’ve just got a question for you. Did you happen to eat some chocolate ice cream while you were here?”

Yeah, I did.

“Well, it was the last carton of ice cream that my grandfather bought me before he died.”

Um… What?

“Well, growing up, my grandfather used to take me and my siblings out to ice cream. It was kind of our thing. And the last time he came to visit before he died, he bought me that half gallon of ice cream.”


“I’m sorry, Andrew. This is just too much. I know that it was half eaten, but you really shouldn’t have eaten the rest. How am I going to remember ‘Pop-pop’ now?”


“We can’t be friends. I hate you. I hope you die.”

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