The Application

I love learning. I love understanding why something works. But there comes a point where you have to actually apply what you learned to your life and your situation. If you don’t, then what’s the point? I heard it said once, that if I don’t use the gifts and talents and privileges that are mine as a Christian, then all I am is just a practicing atheist.

I’ve spend more money on this six month school than I have for any other semester of schooling I’ve done, and if I don’t apply what I’ve learned, I am just wasting my time and my money.

Today has been a day of prayer. Japan got struck by two natural disasters in a row: first one of the top five recorded earthquakes, and second a tsunami 10 meters high. This is the news that I woke up to today, plus Hawaii and California had waves of unknown size headed their way. I have friends and love ones that live on the coast of those places. This all comes after a teaching on the prophetic last night that dealt with words of distraction AND A STORY OF AN EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI. It made it very easy to apply the fresh lessons to my life. I would love to say that, due to my earnest prayer, that California and Hawaii remained mostly causality free. But I don’t know for sure, I do know that I tried.

Today had even more application, this time the spiritual warfare taught by Che Ahn from Tuesday. My friend is going through a really rough patch in his live and I know how to pray and how to speak life in his situation. But my knowledge does NOTHING for him if I don’t pray and act like I know to.

Go step out in faith, apply God to your situations and see where He will drop you (if he even does).

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