I crawled in to God’s lap and somehow I was five again. In my adult life, I just recently suffered an emotional blow and I was struggling to find peace and to be restored to my right senses again. So I went to the place that I knew was loved and where I was safe, my Papa’s lap.

He held me and listened to me whine and complain about what was going on. After a few moment’s He calmed me and sat me up and turned me around. There was a table with toys on it. I pointed to one and said that I wanted this one, and this one is perfect and I want it and wanted it as soon as possible in the enthusiastic way that only a five year old can. He asked me if I was sure. I affirmed Him vocally and with an exaggerated head nod.  But, He said, stressing the point, I has a much, much better toy that this one. It’s so perfect and I picked it out, just for you. But you can’t have it today. When? I asked. He replied, you’re going to have to wait till tomorrow. Which toy would you rather have?

I stopped and thought about it. I could feel my little five year old brain processing this information, weighing the desire and apparent perfection of the amazing toy in front of me with the whole idea that a toy could be even better. How could it be possible? What would it be like?

I watched my little five year old self deal with these questions and I knew which one he should take, but he had to make the decision himself. I encouraged him to wait one day and get something better and my younger self decided that he would wait for the better toy.

Instantly peace came. The turmoil and the hurt were gone. I felt whole again.

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