Adventures in Houseland, part 1: The Shower Surprise

So I own a house now. It’s yellow. And I really like it.

But with anytime you move somewhere new, you spend the first few days learning all the quirks of the house. The new thing for me, is that I am the only one who is going to fix those quirks in the house. My roommate introduced me to one of those quirks they day I moved in.

The Shower Surprise
“It’s got good pressure coming out of the tub, but the shower is much lower” he told me as we were walking into the bathroom. He turned on both the hot and cold to full then pulled the little shower selector lever thingy.

No water came out of shower head. Water trickled out of the cracked mirror tile and sounded gushing somewhere. I turned the water off and grabbed the shower head and gently pulled. The shower head, the chrome shower arm, part of the tile, and some pipe came out of the wall.

Pretty sure this ISN'T supposed to happen

Pretty sure this ISN’T supposed to happen

Pretty sure this isn’t supposed to happen…

I went into the closet that backed up against the shower and the floor was all wet. Sigh.

So I spent my weekend in Lowe’s, trying to find things, wondering why the mirror tile only came in a six-pack when I only needed one, purchasing all sorts of materials and tools, learning that I don’t know how to drill through glass and that I’m secretly happy that I did get a six-pack of tiles cause I finally got it on the fifth try, and various other thing, including a couple of more trips to Lowe’s.

All pretty now.

All pretty now.

I ended up having to tear off a drywall patch on in the closet to cut the pipe, replace a 2×4 brace, and to check if it was leaking or not any more. Which it’s not, so that’s good. But there’s a giant hole in my closet now.

Now I just need to figure out how to make this look like it's a wall...

Now I just need to figure out how to make this look like it’s a wall…

Remember to tune in next time as I recant how it felt to mow my lawn for the first time…


It was just like this, except it wasn’t a riding mower and I didn’t have a pipe.

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