Friday August 13, 2004

I have the feeling that I am the type of person that is a supporter. One who is there to help someone be better, to help someone be great. I feel comfortable there. But there is an inkling, this faint whisper, a blurry vision of me stepping in to the spot light to do what needs to be done. It scares me.

4 thoughts on “Friday August 13, 2004

  1. IceAngelGA

    YOU didn’t get me in trouble… I got my own stupid self in trouble. But I guess this is forcing me to get in regular sleep habits before school starts. Although… if I can’t get online latenight anymore, how are we supposed to talk? And about the federal post office number, I thought you said you had that under control. Don’t make me take back, “My man has it covered”!!!

  2. Passive_Spastic

    You might be kinda like Ananias, he was the dude who healed and baptized Paul err Saul at the time, he had his moment but it wasn’t as big as Pauls. 

    Oh ya, good cd, especially good song, gives me shivers.


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