Tuesday August 10, 2004

So I finally got my birthday present from my parents. It consisted of:

-a microwave
-a knife set
-an iron
-a phone
-a vacuum
-some tupperware
-some canisters
-laundery detergent
-paper towels
-some cleaning supplies
-a laundery basket
-some linens
-some TP
-two tongs
-a colinder
-some sponges
-an egg beater
-a peeler

and I think that is it.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday August 10, 2004

  1. IceAngelGA

    wow… sounds like they’re trying to get you all self-sufficent or something! That works though. Happy Birthday. Sorry I didn’t say goodnight to you last night… dad came in and caught me online an hour after my bedtime… so to make a long story short, he freaked and took away my laptop. and i cna’t find it.

  2. bhrnfrg3408

    Hey. Noticed we share a blogring. Which is where I’m guessing you found me? If not, that’s cool. I was just puttin 2 and 2 together. So… tell me about yourself…



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