Friday December 10, 2004

”    O William, I wish you had been content to stay at home, for there is no real home for me without you…. O, that the days, weeks, and months might roll rapidly on and speed you back again…
    Most of the people tell me that I am a fool for letting you go away and that no man that thought anything of his family would do so. They say that I need not indulge a hope of seeing you again. I tell them you are in the hands of God and that your life is as precious in His sight there as here…
    Our people join in love to you and wish you Godspeed. I hope you are not keeping anything back concerning you journey…. Write how far it is to the Sacramento River from Independence.
    I hope we shall meet again. How can I be reconciled if we do not? Farewell, farewell, my dear.
                                                             Yours affectionately,

6 thoughts on “Friday December 10, 2004

  1. IceAngelGA

    I used to like someone named William…. he turned out to be a jerk. Most of the guys I “liked” turned out to be jerks. (present company excluded of course; because I didn’t really like you, you were just my fiance.) 😉

  2. Ducky1

    there was also a william at her youth group that was a goth.
    we wrote about him in our story.
    remember? the one you said was not quite as great as freddy the flea.
    anyway, if you want to brush up on it, you can find it’s li’l house at:



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